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The Ultimate Guide to RFPs

Have you been tasked with the job of creating a request for proposal, or an RFP? Whether you have no idea what that is or haven’t written one in awhile, today’s guide can help. We’re diving into the specifics of what an RFP actually is, why you might need one, and how...

The Straightforward Guide to RFIs

If you’re looking to invest in a new tool for your business, you’ll need to do your research.In many cases, that research will start with a Request for Information (RFI). Not sure what an RFI is? We’ve got you covered in this quick guide.

RFQ vs. RFP: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever shopped for something online, compared prices, and read reviews until you knew you were making the right decision? That’s similar to what businesses do when they need to purchase something as well, except it’s a slightly more formal process....