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Top Ways To Rejig Your CV

Fix your CV. With so many people competing for jobs, you need to jig your resume such that you make sure your application stands out.  The post Top Ways To Rejig Your CV appeared first on Young Upstarts.

20 Job Skills People Forget They Have

Writing a resume isn’t always an easy feat. You think you’re doing a great job including all your qualities, only to find that you forgot to include a few. This article details some of the job skills most people forget to include. Many people find it hard to list...

Infographic Resumes: 6 Hiring Managers Weigh In

The modern job search is incredibly competitive, and technology has made it easier for your resume and job application to be overlooked and discarded before you even make it to the interview.Luckily, technology is also here to help. There’s no longer a template...